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End of the Year-Coming Our Way!

This is how I start to feel when I see their progress at the end of the year.

The longer I teach, the more I realize I have to learn. Lately, we’ve been working on poetry, technology, and student-led conferences. The more ownership students take with their learning, the more it sticks with them down the road. Lately, I’ve been using these phrases a lot in chats with kids about minor things that pop up throughout the day. “I don’t get angry over accidents, but disobedience is an issue we need to talk about.” When a student accidentally threw away her pink plastic spoon at lunch, she came to me in tears. She fished it out quickly, and it prompted the phrase “try it out before you cry it out!” haha. We laugh a lot this time of year as well, as students have WORKED SO HARD, practiced BEING KIND, and taking all the tests to show their readiness for third grade and the life that awaits! They earn a lot of rewards for their hard work, like a class game party for getting 50 dots for good behavior. We also had a Poetry Cafe’ and parents came in for student-led conferences. Here are some recent pictures!

Below are pictures from: Mrs. Brock’s Pet Shop to practice money, our field trip to the McWane Center, “Starbrock’s” Poetry Cafe, Student-led Conferences and growth chart, Miss Annie Field Trip, recyclable projects, new wobble chairs we’ve gotten, and coming up soon, Career Week!

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