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Looking ahead 2020!

By the end of January, teachers notice a new level of maturity and new areas in which students can improve.

We don’t just teach students the subject areas, we teach social skills and life skills!

Did you know that we won a We Are Teachers Little Passports Class pack! Each child gets a passport, and we get maps where we can start taking trips around the world. Some of the life skills we’re going over in this social studies unit is knowing our own address and a parent’s phone number.

These are things kids need to know in case of emergencies. So each child that can recite their address and a parent’s phone number will get a piece of candy!

Another life skill that students really need to know by the end of the year is how to tie their own shoe. Second grade is really the last innocent, child-like year in so many areas. These students are already exposed to more through the technology and world we live in, and it’s just a big jump to go into third grade.

Finally, we are working on finishing the year with a priority on organization, kindness, responsibility, hard work, and self-control! We all have to learn to be kind whether or not we feel like it, do the hard work first and then play, and to respect others by listening to understand and then sharing to be understood.

We all have to learn to be kind and work hard, whether or not we feel like it.

Make every moment count! I have to tell that to myself about my 16-month old son. Why, just last year he was 4 months old and just starting to go the the nanny. He’s walking and climbing and has a lot of teeth coming in!

So here’s the challenge, Parents: work with your child to memorize their address and phone number and make sure they know how to tie their shoes by the end of the year.

You can do it!

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