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Movement Minute & My Space

In addition to the previous post with some COVID-19 preparations and some background information on how I am approaching school starting back, I wanted to share some practical classroom strategies I will be using in addition to the guidelines that our school and county will be adhering to. I’m sure the broader, more detailed information will be disseminated on the Parents FOES Listserv.

Student desks will be facing forward and spaced out, and every child will use their own supplies without sharing. Because they will have everything at their desk, I know my students will need to move more frequently and get the wiggles out. I will be starting “Movement Minutes” as we transition within the classroom throughout the day. Specials should look similar to what they used to, so I know my kids will still be moving to our schedule. A movement minute is like a brain break where we may incorporate a quick game, song, fitness video or stretches in between lessons. This should help with students’ mental health and engagement throughout the day.

“My Space” is what I’m going to call their desk areas and other learning areas where they will be taught to distance themselves appropriately throughout the day. They will be using their own supplies in their “My Space” areas as well. 

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