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My Pet Hedgie

Gus Gus is my pet hedgehog’s name. He would have been 4 years old in March 2020, but I’m sad to share that he got Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome in November 2019 and went into hibernation and didn’t wake up. WHS is like Parkinson’s disease. It happens when hedgies get older and their legs wobble. He was well-taken care of when he passed away on Thanksgiving break, but we still think of him and love to learn about hedgies and all kinds of animals.

Gus liked to sleep in his igloo all day, and since he was NOCTURNAL, he ran in his wheel at night.

When you first woke him up, Gus balled up and breathed really loud and fast through his nose. When I held him and moved around with him, he came out of his ball. He also came out of his ball when he gets a bath. Hedgehogs can swim! I put baby shampoo on a toothbrush to bathe him and clipped his toenails. I cleaned his cage and sheets once a week and put a small scoop of catfood watered down in his bowl. Hedgies are INSECTIVORES who like to eat crickets and meal worms too!

The more hedgehogs are handled, the friendlier they get. They can smell you and hear you but they are nearly blind. Loud noises scare them easily. Hedgehogs can hibernate in the winter, but their body temperature can’t go below 72 degrees or they will go into hibernation and can’t wake up (because they don’t live in the wild anymore). I kept a heater on Gus in the winter. He liked the summer best! There’s a YouTube video I made with him if you want to look up my channel!

Here are some pictures of Gus Gus.

Here’s a little video about hedgehogs!

Here are a few fun facts about them too!