And To All A Good Night

The very best place to get in the Christmas spirit is in an elementary school.  Yes, it tends to get crazy, but all of the kids are so so so excited and there are parties and programs and pajama days and surprises.  It is so cheerful!

I’ve been reading Robert Sabuda’s pop up version of The Night Before Christmas to students this week. Each page is more breathtaking than the last and the looks on the kids faces is nothing short of magical.

I hope that you all find a little Christmas magic of you own!

By and By…

Geez Louise!  It’s only the fourth day of school and we are already doing tests!  I know if I try to find time to write a longer, better, funner post I’ll never succeed, so I will write longer later, by and by. We have so many fun things coming up in the library this fall: […]