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This year is going to be much different than any other school year. It is going to be a year of learning and growth for both my students, their families and myself.

I believe in open communication. I will do my best to be transparent and share as much information as possible with you. Please be flexible this year as I try to figure out what is best for my students in terms of learning in a pandemic, whether that be virtual or face-to-face.

We will be using Schoology instead of Google Classroom this year. Your child will login in with the same Google login credentials as they would to their chromebook at school, through either Clever or through .

We will also be using as their homework tool. It is a fabulous website. It will adjust to your child’s learning and give you immediate feedback if they are correct or not, along with an explanation of how to do it correctly, should they mess up. (They will receive their username and password on the first day of my class. If they lose it, they may email me at to get it again.)

If there is anything I can do to help you or your child, please email me and give me at least 24-36 hours to respond.

Each person wants his or her favorite Starburst
Image result for starburst jelly beans sour jellybean colors. No one has the same favorite color. Rollin doesn't like green or red. Sue doesn't like one of the colors that Rollin doesn't like, but the other color is her favorite. Also, Sue doesn't like yellow. Carol dislikes the colors that Rollin doesn't like, but she does like a color that Sue doesn't like. Janine likes red, but not orange.

Which of the colors mentioned is each person's favorite Starburst sour jellybean?