Wednesday, April 24th

  • ABSENT? Today most classes completed the “mini-book” foldable on asteroids, meteoroids, and comets. If you were absent, please see me about getting your notes.
  • We will have no more “work days” in class for this assignment.
  • See me for any paper or craft supplies you need. I am happy to share with you!


  1. Make a thank you card for Pluto thanking it for it’s service as a planet
  2. Make a sympathy card for Pluto telling it how sorry you are that it is no longer a planet
  3. Campaign for Pluto to either stay a dwarf planet or be reinstated as a planet (choose only one side)
  4. Write a break up letter between Neptune and Pluto
  5. Fire Pluto from or hire it back into the solar system
  6. Create a comic strip about why Pluto should or should not be a planet (choose only one side)
  7. Create a text conversation between the IAU and Pluto about why it should or should not be a planet
  8. Write a letter to the IAU explaining why the definition of what a planet is or isn’t needs to be redefined.

Tuesday, March 12th

Tuesday, March 12–
We read about the history of astronomy and discussed how ancient and early astronomers made sense of our place in space.
We will continue to explore the works of astronomers who contributed to the understanding we have of the solar system today and begin constructing 2 foldables–geocentric and heliocentric astronomers.

1. Please read the attached selection and answer the 2 questions on page 11.
2. Watch the video clip about Tycho Brahe—he was quite a character!

Wednesday 2/13

ABSENT?  Today we finished our “Close Read” and “Mark Up” notes for the intertidal zone habitats.  Please print these sheets and cut each section out.  These should be glued to the corresponding intertidal zone note page in your SNB.

Estuaries, Mangrove Forest, Salt Marsh

Rocky Shore, Tide Pool, Sandy Shore

TEST TOMORROW—You are allowed to use your SNB for the test tomorrow.  To review from home:  1.  Look over sample questions posted in GCR.  2. Review the video field trip slides.  3.  Read over the attached notes from today.

Tuesday, 2/12

Hello science kiddos! Sample questions for our test on Intertidal Zones are in GCR. Don’t forget—-This is an OPEN NOTE test.

ALSO. . .The plan to take it tomorrow has changed.
We will take this test at the beginning of class on THURSDAY.
Enjoy your night! :o)

ABSENT STUDENTS—Please review the Intertidal Zone slides and videos in GCR. Follow the directions on each slide and bring your work to class with you when you return.

PRESENT STUDENTS—Feel free to review the videos if you’d like. Some of the key points (most interesting facts) could pop up like a mangrove mudskipper on your test Thursday!!

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON AFTER SCHOOL FRIENDS—-BRING A SNACK!      Also–please know that you may work on ANY MAKE UP WORK. It doesn’t just have to be science. If you have a make up test, talk to your teacher and see if you can pick it up after school and work on it. You may leave whenever you need to before 5:30!


ABSENT? I WILL BE AFTER SCHOOL ON WEDNESDAY 2/13 until 5:30 to help anyone who needs to get caught up, take a quiz, take a test, or needs a concept retaught. Please just e-mail me to let me know you are planning to stay. All are welcome! :0)

Friday 2/8–We took a quiz–“Interpreting Tides Tables”
Monday 2/11–SNB Entry #8—GOOGLE CLASSROOM POST—Please use a piece of paper to complete these notes if you do not have your SNB at home. I will help you put it in your SNB when you return.

NOTE—The presentation will include more than what is posted in GCR. This is just the portion you missed on Monday 2/11.

A look at the rest of the week. . .

Absent Students–Please study Practice Test #2 in GOOGLE CLASSROOM to prepare for your test when you return. We have missed you! <3 :0)

Wednesday 2/6–Test
Thursday 2/7—Interpreting Tides Tables Lesson #2 and Quiz
Friday 2/8–Introduction of Intertidal Zones (lesson will be posted)

Test Tomorrow–2/6!

Hello Science Kiddos—If you waited until tonight to start studying—at least you still have time!

  • Please go to your GCR account and study PRACTICE TEST #2 posted on January 31.
  • Complete this practice test at LEAST 5 times (I recommend more) and try to get a 37/46 or higher at least 3 times in a row.

Practice Test #2 has been posted!

  • Please check Google Classroom for Practice Test #2.
  • Tomorrow students who need to finish the Math Performance Series will use part of science to do so.
  • We will have small groups for the following things:
    • Interpreting Tide Tables
    • Completion of the Math Performance Series
    • Studying for our Phases, Eclipses, and Tides test