Individual Counseling

Why Refer a Student?

Please open the attachment for a sampling of reasons why a student may be referred for counseling. Why Refer a Student

The Referral Process 

If you are a parent or teacher of a student that may benefit from individual counseling, the following outline may help you in understanding the referral process. 

  • Send an email to¬†the grade level counselor to discuss the referral. This consultation will assist the counselor in better understanding the presenting concern and gain any additional information.
  • The counselor¬†will meet with the student¬†in order to assess the teenager’s needs in terms of a counseling program- short term intervention or referral to another specialist.
  • These options are discussed with the parent and services continue as appropriate. Please remember that while school-based counseling interventions are very helpful, some teenagers¬†may require longer term counseling beyond the scope of what is available in the guidance office. We¬†want your teenager¬†to have the best, most comprehensive and appropriate services!
Extra Help

Sometimes we all need someone to talk with in order to work through things. If you feel as though private counseling is something you or your child or family may benefit from, please do not hesitate to contact your student’s counselor¬†at the school for a comprehensive list of local resources.¬†