Find information and links  for Career Prep, Business Essentials, Girl’s Soccer, & Special Team’s Kicking


Edmodo – The primary learning environment for Coach Naron’s Career Prep and Business Essentials Class. Parents can request a join code by emailing Coach Naron then set up a parent account or join in an existing account.

I recommend you do it the old fashion way- have your student give you their actual login and password for Edmodo.  You can follow the assignments and view the live work to monitor your student’s progress.  The class average in Edmodo does not reflect the true grade in Inow because of the categorical grading system in place at SCS.

Google Classroom – The classes do use this learning environment and parents will need the student’s Shelby County log in to access the class.

Business Mind

Moodle – The student’s in Career Prep will use moodle combined with Edmodo during the 3rd Nine Weeks.  Parent’s will need the student’s login credentials to access performance.

Typing Club – The students enjoy an opportunity to hone their skills on the old Querty Keyboard here.



I can be contacted anytime at cnaron@shelbyed.org.I normally respond within 24 hours.

You can also set up an appointment for meetings by contacting me through email or calling  the Counselling Center  (205)682-3650.