Social Studies

We cover American history from land bridge immigration through the Civil War in fifth grade.  Shelby County Schools use U.S.A. Studies Weekly newspapers as textbooks, but I also like to include activities, projects, extensions, websites, apps, and videos that will help bring to life the times, places, and people we will be studying in class.

Social studies has provided another exciting area of growth for me over the past few years.  I hope to collaborate with my new teaching partner, Mrs. Klein, to address reading and writing standards through social studies.  Through research, planning, writing, revising, speaking, listening, creating, performing and more, our homerooms blend and present the concepts covered in early American history.

Project due dates are announced in advance on the homework board in the classroom as well as the “Events on the Horizon” section of my homepage.  Again, don’t forget to check out the social studies links to the left, too.

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