Welcome Back

Hi guys! I hope all is well. When I left for maternity leave I always assumed I would be back in front of the classroom teaching you. I am sad that won’t be the case, but I am optimistic that we can work together to finish the year strong. 

The district has identified a list of critical standards for you to learn and (guess what?!) you learned them all last semester. This means that we will spend a major part of the remainder of the semester reviewing and mastering those standards. My primary mode of communication will be through Google Classroom. Your enrichment activities will be posted  no later than Monday morning each week and they are due each Thursday at 5pm. I will post videos that will assist you, but feel free to YouTube other examples. There are SO MANY resources online that are really easy to find. 

At this point all of you should either be in a Google Classroom or have been invited to one for my class. In case you haven’t, below I’ve listed the class codes.

1st period sinuqna

2nd period 3ys2aug

3rd period hc67ywk

6th period a6vw4cg

7th period s3cv74p

Feel free to email me at e2miller@shelbyed.org if you have any questions. Parents, I will post any updates on my blog.