Week of November 11

Monday, Nov. 11


In Class:


Tuesday, Nov. 12

Bell Ringer: Pg. 176 “Analyzing Primary Sources

In Class: Students participated in the Amazing Race: China today with an assigned partner.

Assignment: None.

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Bell Ringer: Pg. 177 Biography “Laozi”, Drawing Inferences

In Class: Students participated in the Amazing Race: China today with an assigned partner.

Assignment: Read Chapter 6 Section 5

Thursday, Nov. 14

Bell Ringer: 

In Class: 


Friday, Nov. 15

Bell Ringer: 

In Class:


Week of October 28

Monday, Oct. 28 Bell Ringer: Pg. 152 Biography, generalizing question. In Class: Today in class we covered our 5.3 and 5.4 learning targets. I CAN….. Identify Siddhartha Gautama. Conclude what Siddhartha endured before reaching enlightenment. Assess, of the three things that Siddhartha said caused human suffering, the one that causes the most suffering today. Select […]

Week of October 14

Monday, Oct. 14 Bell Ringer: Teacher Workday In Class: NO SCHOOL Assignment: See you tomorrow. Tuesday, Oct. 15 Bell Ringer: Pg. 131; Interpreting Maps In Class: Students received a copy of their learning targets. Today we will work on the following; I CAN…1)illustrate the shape of the Indian subcontinent, 2)contrast the geography of the northeastern part of […]

Week of September 16

Monday, Sept. 16 Bell Ringer: pg. 103 Analyzing Visuals In Class: We reviewed our learning targets for 4.3; I CAN…… 23) locate the Hyksos’ homeland, 24)list 2 reasons why the pharaoh’s power declined at the end of the Old Kingdom, 25)discuss Egypt’s military preparedness as it relates to the Hyksos’ invasion, 26)identify Hatshepsut, 27)discover 2 […]