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Monday- Today in class we discussed the microscope and the cell theory. Students saw two powerpoints and took notes on the Cell Theory PPT.  They were given a wordsearch to work on at the end of class that is due on Wed.  We will have a quiz on the microscope parts definitions and locations on Friday. Students should bring in a magazine that they can “cut up” for a project next week. The deadline for the magazine is Friday.


Today all classes saw the ppt on the cell organelles and began the Animal and Plant Cell coloring sheets. These are due on Friday. Study for your microscope quiz ( Friday) and bring a magazine by Friday!

Wednesday- Today the students did a nearpod lesson on the Cell Theory using the chromebooks. 

Thursday- finish Animal and plant coloring page and Foldable (Study for quiz tomorrow)

Friday - Microscope quiz and wordsearch

Cell Organelles PPT

Animal Cell Coloring

Plant Cell Coloring

Wordsearch – Microscopes

Cell Theory PPT

PPT Notes

Microscope Study Guide

Monday- Review and What is science

Tuesday -Scientific Inquiry Quiz and saving fred

Wednesday- What is Life Reading Guide in class. LINK – 2-1 Reading Guide Classwork

Thursday- Spontaneous Generation notes and Picture Dictionary

Tomorrow they will create a comic strip in class from either Pasteur or Redi’s experiment.

Monday -We discussed the definition of science and students were given a Textbook Survey/Review to work on while lockers were given out. Students were given a table of contents and we set up our binders. There will be a quiz next Monday on Science Skills and the Scientific Method.

Tuesday – Students will do the pipe cleaner challenge in groups. We will have a few minutes to work on the Textbook Survey/Review from yesterday ( we will check this tomorrow for a grade).

Wednesday – We will check the Textbook Review/Survey and take notes from a powerpoint on the Scientific Method – Quiz Monday

Powerpoint Notes

Notesheet with blanks to go with Power Point

Thursday – We will review the Scientific Method and complete the What is Science? Reading Guide in class. Color by number for HW if not complete in class.

Friday – Lab Groups will try and “SAVE FRED”. Quiz Monday !