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Today we went over meiosis again and discussed the haploid and diploid numbers for organisms. We read aloud the section on meiosis in the text book and students answered questions and sketched the stages in a chart. We will have a quiz Monday on Meiosis

Meiosis Reading Guide

Tuesday- Quiz on Mitosis and Tic tac know

Monday -Today we reviewed the Cell Cycle and will have a quiz on this tomorrow. We checked the Reading Guide on the Cell Cycle from last week ( study this for tomorrow) Quizlet link below.

Monday - Study Guide Test on Wednesday 9/11

Tuesday -Review for test/ review games

Study for test TOMORROW

Wednesday- Cell , Cell Theory, Microscope Test

Thursday- Performance Series Testing

Friday - Cell Cycle Notes-

Monday – No School Labor Day

Tuesday – Students will begin the Cells in the Headlines Project that we will work on in class for two days and it will be due on Friday!

Cells in the Headlines Directions ( please note this is due Fri. Sept 6th,  not the 9th as indicated on the link. The hard copy students received on Tuesday has the correct date on it).

Wednesday – Continue Cells in the Headlines

Thursday – PUNK ROCK DAY – Punk the Pirates!

Cell City Analogy and Cell Job Application HW ( they will have a copy of this as I cannot post )

Cell City Analogy

Friday – Nearpod on Cell Organelles. Students will go to google classroom and complete in class. TEST ON THE CELL NEXT WEDNESDAY 9/11!