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3rd 9 weeks

Tuesday– We will start the small unit on Classification of Living Things. Students will do a vocab predict chart with me and then we will skim over the textbook sections on the Domains of Life. HW will be to finish the Domains Drawings we start in classby Thursday.

Domains Drawing Instructions

Wednesday . Domains Drawings from yesterday are due tomorrow.

Thursday –   -Kingdom Cards Lab in groups  – groups compete to see who can name the kingdom for unidentified organisms based on characteristics listed

 Reading Guide in Class – due tomorrow ( students will have the entire class period to work on this. It will be like the “study guide” for their 60 point test on Tuesday.

Classification Reading Guide

Friday – Bring your earbuds for a great Nearpod Lesson on Classification!

Have a great weekend! We will have a test on classification next Tuesday 1/14

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