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Feb 3-7

Monday- Galapagos Animal Research Day. Students were given a research sheet to use with the ipads to research and draw a Galapagos Animal . These will be due on Wednesday. See me if you were out for your animal assignment and the research sheet and white paper. Tomorrow is our open note test on Evolution. You should still study and have your notes as back up. You may use anything in your binder. Play the review games on the Padlet that we did in class Friday.  ( you can access through google classroom)

Tuesday –  Test on Evolution ( you may use your notes )  and complete the Galapagos Animals that are due tomorrow!

Wednesday –  Begin Notes on Ecology and Discuss Symbiotic Relationships in Nature. We will take notes on Ecology terms ( many you will know – food chain, food web, etc).Biotic/Abiotic sheet for HW

Biotic/Abiotic HW pg 1

Biotic/Abiotic pg 2

Thursday  –  “Trials of Life – Living Together” Video. Students will complete the worksheet questions to ID the Symbiotic relationships in the video. No HW!

Friday– We will “act out” soap opera symbiosis and try to guess which relationships in nature they represent. If time students will come up with “skits” Classwork – Notes , homework  – Color By Number on Symbiosi( see me to get a copy of this as it is copyrighted and I cannot post it here).

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