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Monday- Galapagos Animal Research Day. Students were given a research sheet to use with the ipads to research and draw a Galapagos Animal . These will be due on Wednesday. See me if you were out for your animal assignment and the research sheet and white paper. Tomorrow is our open note test on Evolution. You should still study and have your notes as back up. You may use anything in your binder. Play the review games on the Padlet that we did in class Friday.  ( you can access through google classroom)

Tuesday –  Test on Evolution ( you may use your notes )  and complete the Galapagos Animals that are due tomorrow!

Wednesday –  Begin Notes on Ecology and Discuss Symbiotic Relationships in Nature. We will take notes on Ecology terms ( many you will know – food chain, food web, etc).Biotic/Abiotic sheet for HW

Biotic/Abiotic HW pg 1

Biotic/Abiotic pg 2

Thursday  –  “Trials of Life – Living Together” Video. Students will complete the worksheet questions to ID the Symbiotic relationships in the video. No HW!

Friday– We will “act out” soap opera symbiosis and try to guess which relationships in nature they represent. If time students will come up with “skits” Classwork – Notes , homework  – Color By Number on Symbiosi( see me to get a copy of this as it is copyrighted and I cannot post it here).

Tuesday  – Students worked on a comic strip on a natural selection scenario. We will work on it on Wed. in class also and it is due by Thursday morning

Wednesday – Students finished the comic strip

Thursday  – Performance Series Test

Friday – Evolution Reading Guide Questions and videos.

Monday  – Welcome to the first full school week of 2020! We are continuing our unit on Classification. We will have a 60 point quiz tomorrow. Students should study the vocab predict chart, 3 domains drawings, and the Classification Reading Guide. We started the Original Organisms Drawings today that will be due on Wednesday. Use the links below for extra review –

Practice Quiz 

Quizlet Game – Classification

Original Organisms Assignment – due Wed

Tuesday – Quiz and Finish Original Organisms due tomorrow!

Wednesday – Darwin Reading Guide and Kingdoms Flyer HW

Darwin Reading Guide Classwork

Kingdoms Flyer Instructions

Thursday – Today students will check  the reading guide from yesterday and watch a ppt on Darwin and Natural Selection. Students are to complete the Voyage of the Beagle Map for HW

Darwin PPT Presentation

Beagle Coordinates HW pg 1

Beagle World Map HW pg 2

Friday – Today students will watch the A&E Documentary on Charles Darwin and answer the 4 questions about his life. No HW!

MLK Birthday Monday – No School

Tuesday– We will start the small unit on Classification of Living Things. Students will do a vocab predict chart with me and then we will skim over the textbook sections on the Domains of Life. HW will be to finish the Domains Drawings we start in classby Thursday.

Domains Drawing Instructions

Wednesday . Domains Drawings from yesterday are due tomorrow.

Thursday –   -Kingdom Cards Lab in groups  – groups compete to see who can name the kingdom for unidentified organisms based on characteristics listed

 Reading Guide in Class – due tomorrow ( students will have the entire class period to work on this. It will be like the “study guide” for their 60 point test on Tuesday.

Classification Reading Guide

Friday – Bring your earbuds for a great Nearpod Lesson on Classification!

Have a great weekend! We will have a test on classification next Tuesday 1/14

Wednesday -Today we reviewed Bacteria. Students were then instructed to fill in the virus notes from the projector. They were then given time in class to work on the Virus Reading Guide on the back of the note sheet.

Virus Note sheet

Virus Reading Guide

Tuesday- Today students saw two power point presentations on bacteria. They filled in a notes sheet with the second presentation. Students were then assigned a small reading guide using the Bacteria section in their textbooks and had 25 mins to work on this in class. Tomorrow we will review and discuss viruses!

Bacteria Power Point

Power Point Note Sheet filled in

Bacteria Reading Guide

Monday- Google Expedition - no homework

Friday Nov. 1st


Posted on November 1, 2019

Today we worked on sponge bob genetics 2 to prepare for our quiz on Monday.sponge bob 2 wsDownloadPosted in Uncategorized | Leave a reply

Thursday Oct. 31st


Posted on October 31, 2019

Today students worked on an in class project – Dead Scientists Tombstones. The researched a scientist and made a headstone containing the information to hang in the hallway in our “graveyard” I have decided to move the Punnett Square Quiz to Monday so we can practice punnett squares more tomorrow. Thanks! Have a Happy Halloween!

October 30th - Color by Number

Tuesday Oct. 29th

Posted on October 29, 2019

Today we discussed probability and punnett squares! Students saw a ppt. on probability and we discussed ratios, fractions, and percents. We then worked through Bikini Bottoms I ( Sponge Bob) Genetics together using Notability and Apple TV. Tomorrow we will practice punnett squares again for our quiz Friday. Genetics Reading Guide ( from yesterday) due tomorrow!

Probability PPT

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Monday Oct. 28th


Posted on October 28, 2019

10/28 – Today we began our unit on Genetics! We checked the picture dictionary vocab words for 20 pts. and students were told their score on the DNA Test from Friday. We saw two powerpoints on Genetic Traits and Gregor Mendel. Students were given 30 mins in class to work on the Genetics Reading Guide that is due on Wednesday. Tomorrow we will begin Punnett Squares and have a quiz on these on Friday!

Mendel Powerpoint

Genetic Traits PPT Pics

Reading Guide – Genetics 

Tuesday – Students will take 1/2 of the DNA Synthesis Notes today from the powerpoint. We will watch a few youtube video clips on the structure of DNA

DNA Notesheet to go with powerpoint 

DNA Powerpoint

Wednesday – We will continue the other 1/2 of the notes and begin a reading guide due Friday.

Thursday – DNA Dogs Activity in class – DNA Dogs