GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION:Ā  Seniors, make sure you get your college applications in before scholarship deadlines! If you are not sure what they are, look on the college’s website. If you can’t find the deadline, email me. For other scholarship information and links and a list of some private scholarships, check out our scholarship website by using the newly revised “Listing of Private Scholarships” linkĀ under Blogrolls to the right or click here, Ā .

Ā DEPARTMENTAL SCHOLARSHIPS -Once your admissionĀ applications are in, investigate departmental scholarships if you have declared a major. These may or may not require separate applications, so pay attention what you need to do by when.

To help in your scholarship search, visit www.meritaid.comĀ Ā which allows you to type in the name of a college and pull up their scholarship list.Ā 


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