Common Application available Aug. 1

The list of member colleges accepting the Common App has risen to 460. To find out if the Common App is accepted at the colleges you are interested in, visit or the colleges’ admissions sites. Many of those colleges no longer even have their own app, but many will require a supplemental section unique to their school. It is a great time-saver to fill out one app and have it sent to multiple schools. You can even add schools to the initial list as long as it is before their deadlines. Seniors may begin applying on-line Aug. 1st. Make sure you find the spot to give your counselor’s and recommending teachers’ names and email addresses. They will receive emails with the link so they can complete their parts on-line, also. This year’s essay specifies a length of 250-500 words. You may preview the list of topics at the above website. Email me if you have any questions about this great tool!

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