Christmas 2019 Solo Results

First, I would like to say that I have listened to at least 200 solo auditions this week! It is such a joy to hear all of you sing and be so brave and audition in front of your classmates! You are already a winner because of your confidence and bravery. I wish I could choose everyone. I am so proud of you!! Here are my final results;

First Grade

“SparkleJollyTwinkleJingly” solo-Ryan Wilson;

speaking part-Millie McCammon

Candy Cane Dancers- Sidney Clausell, Laney Earles, Micah Kessler, Ella James Burnette, Miller Booth

Third Grade

“That Time of Year”

*We hang up boughs of evergreen on every single doorway- Kinley Earles

*Bake a giant cookie in the wavy shape of Norway- Perrin Jacobs

*Go from door to door to door wassailing with our choir- Isabella Bachtel

*Hang up all your giant socks above an open fire- Charli Hillin

*spoken “you, cut down a tree, and then you dress it’s corpse with candles!?”-Levi Newman

When We’re Together

part 1-Kathleen Sims part 2- Sara Kate Robbins part 3-Lydia Thompson

Fifth Grade

Last Christmas”

v.1-Arya Morshedi

v.2-Aliyah Thurgood

v.3 Erin Talley

v.4 Emilee Hartsfield

alternate for “Last Christmas” -Sue Ellen Bensinger

Knightingales songs-

“Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day”

v. 1-Naomi Kelley

v. 2-Laila Skelton

Bridge- Gracie Williams

alternate for “Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day”-Claire McCoy

Count Your Blessings”

part 1-Ava King (alternate Ava Greer Hughes)

part 2-Kamryn Hudson (alternate Stella Howard)

So proud of all of you! Congratulations everyone!!

Spring Show Solo Results

2nd Grade:

First female Solo: Ayla Hailston (Lydia Thompson, alternate)

Boys Group: Tobias Wilson, SJ Love, Mason Moore, Jack Eubanks, Tadhg Peek

“When The Saints Go Marching In”- Maggie Baxter and Levi Newman ( Isabella Bachtell and Zoe Kelley, alternates)

Charleston Dancers: Ellis Malone, Ellen Young, Sarah Kate Robbins, Avery Price, Whit Walker, Nathan Bensinger

4th Grade:

“Orange Colored Sky”- Gracie Williams (Gabby Gonzalez, alternate)

“Feeling Good”- Kamryn Hudson (Joseph Walker, Alternate) *Gabby Gonzalez will now sing “New Orleans” in the Knightingales performance since Kamryn Hudson will be singing “Feeling Good” .

Great job everyone! I listened to almost 200 students audition this week! It is so hard to choose because I am so proud of all of you!

Spring Show Music

Swing, Jazz and Blues!

Kindergarten songs: “Baby Face” and “L.O.V.E” by Natalie Cole

2nd grade: Swing Medley with “The Birth of the Blues”, “Basin Street Blues”, “Way Down Yonder in New Orleans”, and “When the Saints Go Marching In”

4th grade: “Feelin’ Good” by Michael Buble’ (link for Feelin’Good)

and “Orange Colored Sky” by Natalie Cole (link for Orange Colored Sky)

Knightingales: Music from  Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog”

solo auditions will be April 22-26

Knightingales solo results for Princess and the Frog

“New Orleans”- Kamryn Hudson

“Almost There” -Savannah Clausell

“Evangeline”- Anderson Trawick for Dollywood and Anderson and Alex Christian will sing it as a duet at the Spring Show.

“When I’m Human”- Gracie Williams, Erin Talley, Addi Denton, Addyson Rives, Charlie Parham, Marley Brown

“Dig A Little Deeper”- Emma Smith for Dollywood, Caylee Cothron for Spring show.

The Frog Character- Luke Dollar for Dollywood, Pierce Wilson for Spring Show

Alternates: Naomi Kelley, Addison Keesee, Caroline Neighbors

Congrats to all!!



solo results for Christmas program 2018

Once again, I cannot express how proud I am of all of the students who were so brave and auditioned! I have 5 pages of names of students who auditioned and narrowing it down is always so difficult. I am so proud of every single one of them for trying! Here are the results:

5th Grade “The Christmas Song” Solo:

John Henry Kirkpatrick and Emma Smith   (alternate Hayley Gilbert)


“Where Are You Christmas” solos

Addison Keesee and Claire McCoy (alternate Naomi Kelley)

“Grinch” solo (You’re A mean one Mr. Grinch……..)

Kamryn Hudson (alternate Evie Scroggins)

Grinch Speaking Part

Allie King (alternate Cooper Stein)

The Grinch- Luke Dollar (alternate Alex Christian) *I’ll provide costume

Dancers (will be in costumes before the show that I will provide. I will explain details at school)

Wyatt Sills, Caylee Cothron, Sophia Bagley, Marley Brown, anna Jones, Tyler Kirkland, Alex Christian, Avery Ussery

Congratulations everyone! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Every single one of you are so important to the success of our show!!!

The Christmas Song Link -5th Grade

Next week we will have auditions to see which 5th grade class knows this song the best. Whichever class wins will get to play kazoo on “Holly Jolly Christmas” in the Christmas program!

Knightingales Information

Hello everyone! I am so excited about Knightingales this year! We will begin at 7:15 Thursday, September 6 in my music room. If you are dropping off your child please make sure you go to the separate car rider line. It is in front of the Kindergarten hall entrance. You will be allowed to let out there starting at 7:05. If your child has to ride the bus tell them to come directly to my room. We have a lot to learn! Here is information that you will need. Please read throughly. I’ll be sending a code for a Knightingales “GroupMe” as well. If you do not have the GroupMe app, it is free. This will allow me to communicate quickly with you. When the code is sent, you will have to join in order to receive messages. I’ll also continue to email but GroupMe notifies you immediately for announcements or if by chance something changes unexpectedly.

1. Christmas program is Tuesday, Dec. 11 at Metropolitan Church @6:30pm
2. Dress link for the girls. I recommend ordering asap so the sizes do not sell out.
3. We will be going to DOLLYWOOD  this year in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee!! Our travel agent will send me more info by tomorrow and I’ll send it all to you. It will most likely be in March around the 15th-17th. We will stay in a hotel 2 nights and take a charter bus. We will perform in Dollywood. Again, I’ll send more information tomorrow as far as the exact date and cost.PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL WITH QUESTIONS UNTIL I SEND OUT SPECIFICS. Thank you! ☺ We are very fortunate as an elementary choir to be able to take an out of state trip. I’m excited!!!
4. I have ordered the boys bowties. 
5. The boys will wear black pants and a white tuxedo shirt with the bowtie. I’ll be sending info about a tux shirt. It’s fine if you already have one! They’ll also wear black shoes.
6. The girls will wear black dress shoes (preferably flats or wedge heels) with the dress. NO TIGHTS OR SOCKS
We have a wonderful group of students in Knightingales as usual! I cannot wait to begin working with them Thursday morning. Thanks for sharing your amazing children with me this year! ???

Knightingales Application Due by Sept. 3

MLES Knightingales Show Choir Application (please print this and return bottom portion to Mrs. Houston no later than Sept. 3)

When: Thursday mornings 7:15-7:40

Who: 4th and 5th graders

I am so excited about this year and all of the great things that I have planned for our Knightingales show choir! It is going to be a great year. We meet every Thursday morning in the music room from 7:15-7:40. There is a ONE TIME $50.00 donation for each student that is a Knightingale. This covers their t-shirt, music, facility rental for performances, and field trip fees. You only pay this one time, not every month. Please make checks payable to MLES and put “Knightingales” on the memo line. This is due by September 3, 2018.

We will have many opportunities to sing and perform throughout the school year. We only practice on Thursday mornings, with the exception of ONE Saturday rehearsal in the fall. I will get a date to you very soon. This rehearsal will be a lot of fun because I will bring in a professional show choir choreographer and we will learn some fun, new choreography for our songs. We will benefit so much from having this fun rehearsal day! If you have a conflict on that Saturday, you can let me know and maybe your child can attend part of the rehearsal. We can work with you with conflicts. We will have a Holiday Show on December 11 and a Spring Show in April or May. I will send out a calendar by the end of the month with exact dates. We will take several field trips this year to perform. We will participate in the Shelby County Choral Festival in the spring. We will also take  trip this year and details will come home by the end of September.

You will purchase one costume for your child and they will wear it for every performance. Girls will order a dress and I’ll email the link when all forms are turned back in to me. They are around $30.00 each.  They’ll need them by October. Girls need black flat dress shoes.

Boys will wear a tux shirt with a bowtie It is usually about $25.00. I’ll send a link to order by email. You will need to get a pair of  black dress pants and black shoes to wear with the tux shirt. Again, we will wear these all year for performances.

Please fill out and turn in the Knightingales application form and your money by September  3 . We will not have auditions this year to be in Knightingales. Our first rehearsal will be Thursday, September 6. I am so excited about a wonderful year!

Making a Joyful Noise,

Haley Houston,

Mt Laurel Music Director and Knightingales Show Choir Director



Applicant name_______________________________________________ Grade______________

Homeroom teacher________________________________

Mom’s name______________________________ Dad’s name_____________________________

Email that you use for communication (please print very clearly. I use this for communication a lot of information) __________ _______________________________________________

Tshirt size___________


Quaver Music Summer Contest

Your child can enter the Quaver Music summer contest by submitting a video. Here is the link to follow to see directions for the contest. Good luck! If you submit a video please also email it to me at because I would love to see them!! Or you can tag me on Facebook or Instagram. (Haley Spates Houston on both).

Recorder and Ukulele audition results 5th grade

Students who will play recorder at the spring show on May 8 are:

Luke Butts, Riley Dempsey, Kyle Brown, John Jackson, Anna Baldone, Tyler Dunaway, Montana Palmer, Payton Hunsaker, Jacoby Gulledge, Drew Gottlieb, Jordan Amacher, Jackson Kalnoske, Reagan Simmons, Kylie Palmer, Halsey Shell, Adah Graves

Students who will play ukulele at the spring show on May 8 are:

Peyton Walker, Lissy O’Kelley, Elise McNamee, Kaleigh Carmack, Patrick Maddox, Brooke Bentley, Ali Mims, Micah Mahmood, Mackenzie McCleary, Owen Edwards, Molly Kate Myers, Grayson Kerns

Students playing recorder will need to get their recorder from me the day before the show. I will bring the ukulele’s with me. If you have your own ukulele you are welcome to bring it to play. Recorder players will perform after the 4th grade portion of the show, ukulele players will perform after the 2nd grade portion of the show. If you are a Knightingale you will wear your Knightingales attire. If you are not a Knightingale, please dress in your “Sunday Best”. Thank you!!!