Legal issues related to the activities of the academic writing portal activities on the Internet

Currently, the desire to obtain a diploma of higher education means that more and more students decide to order a dissertation for writing. On the Internet, we can find ads of many people who will help you write a master’s or bachelor’s thesis. But do all of them keep their promises and fulfill their obligations to customers?

Writing a master’s thesis – what does this procedure look like?

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing assignments to write master’s theses on a platform that specializes in writing quality academic papers – Some people do not plan to do this from the beginning, while others in the process understand that they do not understand how to write their assigned academic work in compliance with all the requirements, they lack the time and lack of knowledge. The amount of ordered “help” is different. Some order the full process of writing an academic paper from, while others only need editing, proofreading, or research preparation. The amount of work you order will determine its final price.

Legal issues

It should be borne in mind that following the laws and regulations of universities, academic papers, including master’s and bachelor’s theses, must be written independently by students. If it turns out that you have commissioned a third party to write your research paper, you can have serious consequences: first of all, the loss of professional titles. Modern law does not provide for a fine for a person who writes a master’s thesis to order. However, in practice, it is very difficult to detect and prove that the student did not prepare the thesis independently. If you just decide to rewrite large fragments of other people’s works in your work, it will be very easy to prove with a program that looks for plagiarism (the work will have a low level of uniqueness). It is a different case when someone writes you a job – if you have a minimum of discretion and are preparing for the diploma exam, it is almost impossible. Even if the professor doubts whether you wrote the dissertation yourself, he will not be able to prove it.

How much does cost?

I wonder what the cost of a bachelor’s and a master’s thesis? Prices can vary greatly. They usually vary from one amount to another per page of text. It all depends on the field in which the scientific work will be written. If you want to do some tasks yourself (for example, to gather resources, to conduct research), this will reduce the cost of the final project. Everyone decides whether it is worth spending much money by ordering work on writemypapers and getting a decent project, or whether it is worth risking the submission of poor quality material that does not meet the requirements of the university. Of course, you will have much more pleasure from the diploma if you know that it is perfectly written by professionals from the well-known portal

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