May 6-10

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:
– Bell Ringer Quiz Friday
-4th Nine Weeks Benchmark Thursday, May 16

Monday: Benchmark Study Guide
HW: Study Guide due Thursday
Tuesday: Area of Parallelograms Notes
HW: Textbook pg 525 #1-16
Wednesday: Field Day Today/ We reviewed last night’s HW and worked on the Benchmark Study Guide
HW: Study Guide due tomorrow
Thursday: Area of Triangles Notes
HW: pg. 532 #1-14
Friday: Bell Ringer Quiz / Review Benchmark Study Guide / Review
HW: None

April 29-May 3

Upcoming Tests:
– Coordinate Plane and Graphing Test Friday

Monday: Distance on the Coordinate Plane Notes
Distance on the Coordinate Plane Notes Examples
HW: Distance Problems
Tuesday: Graphing Polygons Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 803-804 #1-15
Wednesday: Reflections Notes
HW: Graphing Test Review
Thursday: Graphing Test Review Answer Key
HW: Study for Graphing Test
Friday: Coordinate Plane and Graphing Test

April 22-26

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:
-Bell Ringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Solving Inequalities Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 409-410, #1-16
Tuesday: Review Solving Inequalities
HW: Textbook pg EP19; Part D #1-10 and Part E/F #1-12
Wednesday: Review: “Escape Room” in class
Tuesday and Wednesday Bell Ringers
HW: None
Thursday: Coordinate Plane Notes
HW: pg 425-426 #1-30
(1st and 6th Period will do this lesson and homework tomorrow)
Friday: Review “Graphing on a Coordinate Plane”
HW: None

April 15-19

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:
– Integers and Absolute Value Test Tuesday (April 16th)
– Bell Ringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Integers and Absolute Value Test Review
HW: Study for Test  Integers and Absolute Value Test Review Answers
Tuesday: Integers and Absolute Value Test
HW: None
Wednesday: Inequalities Notes
Classwork: Inequalities Practice (No Homework Tonight- 6th Grade Testing Tomorrow- We will finish today’s classwork in class tomorrow if extra time is needed.)
Thursday:  6th Grade Reading Testing today so no new notes.
HW: None
Friday: Write and Graph Inequalities Notes
HW: Write and Graph Inequalities Practice


April 8-12

Upcoming Tests/ Quizzes:
-Solving Equations Quiz Tuesday
-Bell Ringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Solving Equations Review
HW: Finish “Study Guide and Review” pg. 354-357 #1-41 (Skip #17-18)- You must show work for each problem
Chapter Study Guide and Review Answers
Tuesday: Solving Equations Test
HW: Activity 39
Wednesday: Integers Notes
HW: Textbook pg 421 #1-35
Thursday: Compare and Order Integers Notes
HW: Absolute Value and Comparing Integers Sheet
Friday: Rational Numbers Notes
HW: Rational Numbers HW

April 1-5

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:
-Bell Ringer Quiz Friday
-Solving Equations Test Tuesday 4/9 (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Equations)

Monday: Equations Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 316, #12-35
Tuesday: Solve Addition and Subtraction Equations Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 325 #7-15, #20-25 and pg. 330 #6-11, #16-21
Wednesday: Addition and Subtraction Equation Word Problem Notes
HW: Finish Word Problems from Notes
Thursday: Solve Multiplication and Division Equation Notes
HW: Textbook pg 337 #6-22 (Skip 15,16)
Textbook pg 342 #9-20, 25-27
Friday: Begin “Study Guide and Test Review” pg. 354-357 #1-41 (Skip 17-18). We will finish this in class on Monday.

March 11-15

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes:
– Mean, Median, Mode and Range Quiz Wednesday
– No Bell Ringer Quiz This Week

 Mean, Median, Mode and Range Notes
HW: Textbook pg 652; #1-8
Tuesday: Choosing the Measure of Central Tendency Notes
HW: Using Measures of Center
Wednesday: Mean, Median, Mode and Range Quiz
HW: Multiplying Decimals Practice
Thursday: Histogram Notes
HW: Textbook pg 670-671 #1-14 (Skip 4, 9 and 10)
Friday: Math Placement Test
No Homework