We will begin e-learning on Monday, April 6. I will post all assignments and communication on Google Classroom, Check for your weekly assignments every Monday morning on Google Classroom. Each week’s assignments will be due at the end of the day on Thursday.

March 2-6

-Algebra Test (Part 2) on Tuesday, March 3rd
-Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Algebra Test Part 2 Study Guide Answer Key
HW: Combining Like Terms Puzzle
Tuesday: Algebra Test (Part 2)
HW: None
Wednesday: Factoring Expressions Notes
Factoring Expressions Examples
HW: Factoring Expressions HW Sheet
Thursday: Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 325 #7-15, 20-25 and pg. 330 #1-11, 16-21 (skip #4-5)
Friday: Solving Addition Equations Practice

February 3-7

-Exponents & Order of Operations Quiz Tuesday (2/4)
-Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Algebraic Expressions Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 276 #8-25, 28-35 and pg. 277 #38-43
Tuesday: Review Algebraic Expressions
HW: Variables and Expressions Practice
Wednesday: Parts Of Expressions Notes
HW: Parts of Expressions Sheet
Thursday: Writing a Numerical Expression Notes
HW: Writing Expressions Sheet
Friday: Review Writing Numerical Expressions and Defining the Variable
HW: Textbook pg 284 #1-14