October 28-November1

– Multiplying Fractions Quiz on Wednesday (10/30)
– Bellringer Quiz Friday (11/1)

Monday: Multiply Mixed Number Notes
HW: Textbook pg 114 #8-19, #22
Tuesday: Review Multiplying Fractions and Simplest Form
HW: Multiply Fractions Review
Wednesday: Multiplying Fractions Quiz
No Homework
Thursday: Halloween Math- Decimal Operations and Making Change
No Homework
Friday: Dividing Fractions Using Visual Models
No Homework

October 21-25

-Factors and Multiples Quiz Tuesday (10/22)
-Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday: GCF and LCM Review
GCF and LCM Review Answer Key
HW: Study for Tomorrow’s Quiz
Tuesday: Factors and Multiples Quiz
HW: None
Wednesday: Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 100 #1-16
Thursday: Multiply Fractions Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 107-108 #1-20
Friday: No new notes– We reviewed multiplying fractions.
No Homework

October 7-11

– No Bellringer Quiz this week
– 1st Nine Weeks Benchmark Test Tuesday, Oct. 8th
– No School on Friday, Oct. 11th or Monday Oct. 14th

Monday: Decimal Operation Review Game
HW: Finish Quizizz Assignment on Google Classroom
Tuesday: 1st Nine Weeks Benchmark Test
No Homework
Wednesday: Make Up Work
No Homework
Thursday: Cross Number Puzzle
No Homework
Friday: Teacher Work Day