September 23-27

– Bellringer Quiz Friday
– Dividing Decimals Quiz Tuesday, 10/1

Monday: Review Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers
HW: Textbook pg EP3 Parts B/C #1-12
Tuesday: Dividing Decimals Notes
HW: Textbook pg 58 #1-9
HW: Textbook pg 58 #10-21
Thursday: Remainders as Decimals Notes
HW: Remainders as Decimals #1-12
Friday: Dividing Decimals Test Review
HW: Finish Test Review if not completed in class

August 26-30

– Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Decimals Test Wednesday (Gold)
-Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Calculating Gross Pay (Multiplying Money)- In class, not homework
HW: Study Guide for Decimals Test
Tuesday: Study Guide Answer Key
HW: Study for Decimal Test
Wednesday: Decimal Test
No Homework
Thursday: Long Division Steps
Long Division Example Problems
HW:  Long Division Problems #1-8
Friday: Review Long Division

August 19-23

– Parent Night is Monday, August 19 (6:00-7:30)
– Add and Subtract Decimals Quiz Wednesday, August 21
– Bellringer Quiz Friday, August 23

Monday: Estimating Decimal Products Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 27 #1-11
Tuesday: Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 34, #1-12
Wednesday: Decimal Operations Foldable
HW: Placing Decimals Sheet
Thursday: Multiplying Decimals Practice
HW: Textbook pg. 39, #1-10

August 12-16

– Number Portrait due Wednesday
– Basic Multiplication Fact Quiz Thursday
– Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday:  Adding and Subtracting Decimals Notes
HW: Add and Subtract Decimals Sheet
Tuesday: Determining Change Notes
HW: Determining Change Problems
Wednesday: No Notes Today
HW: Activity 20
Thursday: Decimal Word Problem Notes
HW: Decimal Word Problems
Friday: Bellringer Quiz and Review
HW: None