January 13-17

– Bellringer Quiz Friday
– Return signed report to your Advisory teacher.
– Percents Test (Gold) next Friday (Jan. 24)

Monday: Fractions as Percents Notes
HW: Textbook pg 215-216 #1-25
Tuesday: Decimals and Percents Notes
HW: Mid-Chapter Check pg. 226 #1-23
Wednesday: Percent Proportions Notes
HW: pg. 785 #1-8 and #11-14
Thursday: Review solving percent problems using proportions.
HW: Skills Practice 

January 6-10

– Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday: Mo School/Teacher Work Day
Tuesday: Converting Measurements Notes
Measurement Conversion Chart
HW: Textbook pg. 790 #9-20
Wednesday: No new notes/ Review converting measurements using ratios
HW: Converting Measurements Sheet (Do the word problems and #1-9 on page 2)
Thursday: Measurement Conversions Assessment
HW: pg 790 #21-29
Friday: Percents as Fractions Notes
HW: pg. 212 #1-20

December 9-13

– Bellringer Quiz Friday
– 2nd Nine Weeks Benchmark Exam next Monday (12/16)

Monday: Unit Rate Notes Part 2
HW: Unit Rate Word Problems  (Do #1-8 tonight)
Tuesday: Solving Unit Rates
HW: Using Unit Rates Practice
Wednesday: Work on Benchmark Assessment Study Guide
HW: Finish Study Guide
Thursday: Check Study Guide Answers/Review Dividing Fractions
HW: Activity 40
Friday: Nine Weeks Review- Textbook pg 189 #11-24 and pg 191 #30-40
HW: Study for Benchmark Assessment (Test is Monday)

December 2-6

– Ratios Test Thursday (12/5)
– Bellringer Quiz Friday (12/6)

Monday: Ratio Test Study Guide
Ratios_ Extra Practice Problems (Due Wednesday)
HW: Finish Study Guide
Tuesday: Solving Real World Ratio Problems Notes
Ratio Study Guide Answers
HW: Finish Ratios_ Extra Practice Problems
Wednesday: Ratio Word Problems
HW: Study for Tomorrow’s Ratio Test
Thursday: Ratio Test
No Homework
Friday: Unit Rate Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 160 #1-4, 7-12

November 18-22

– Ratios Quiz Friday
– No Bellringer Quiz this week (we will have a Bellringer check this week)

Monday: Writing Ratios Notes
Ratio Problem Examples
HW: Textbook pg. 152-153 #7-19
Tuesday: Equivalent Ratios Notes
HW: Equivalent Ratios Sheet
Wednesday: Using Ratio Tables to Solve Real World Problems
HW: Textbook pg 166-167 #1-10
Thursday: Graphing Points from a Ratio Table Notes and Homework
HW: Finish Graphing pages
Friday: Ratio Quiz
No Homework

November 4-8

– Bellringer Quiz Friday
– Dividing Fractions next Thursday, November 14

Monday:  Using Models to Divide Fractions
HW: Divide Fractions Using Models Sheet
Tuesday: Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions Notes
HW: Textbook pg 122 #1-20
Wednesday: Dividing Fractions Notes
HW: Textbook pg 128 #1-19
Thursday: Divide Mixed Numbers Notes
HW: Textbook pg 131-132 #1-15
Friday: Dividing Fractions Review

October 28-November1

– Multiplying Fractions Quiz on Wednesday (10/30)
– Bellringer Quiz Friday (11/1)

Monday: Multiply Mixed Number Notes
HW: Textbook pg 114 #8-19, #22
Tuesday: Review Multiplying Fractions and Simplest Form
HW: Multiply Fractions Review
Wednesday: Multiplying Fractions Quiz
No Homework
Thursday: Halloween Math- Decimal Operations and Making Change
No Homework
Friday: Dividing Fractions Using Visual Models
No Homework

October 21-25

-Factors and Multiples Quiz Tuesday (10/22)
-Bellringer Quiz Friday

Monday: GCF and LCM Review
GCF and LCM Review Answer Key
HW: Study for Tomorrow’s Quiz
Tuesday: Factors and Multiples Quiz
HW: None
Wednesday: Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 100 #1-16
Thursday: Multiply Fractions Notes
HW: Textbook pg. 107-108 #1-20
Friday: No new notes– We reviewed multiplying fractions.
No Homework