2nd Nine Weeks


Tuesday: We will be beginning the trial in To Kill a Mockingbird. We will discuss what a summary is and how to write a correct summary. You will work on your trial worksheet as we read trial-wksht. This will be a 30% grade. We will read Chapter 17 today and finish for homework

Wednesday: I will not be here. You will work on your I Can assignment i-can-1st-nine-weeks-assesment. This assignment is VERY important. Please take it seriously.

Thursday: We will read chapter 18 and work on our trial worksheet.

Friday: We will read chapter 19 and work on the trial worksheet.

Welcome Back to Blog World

This site will be used to help parents and students stay up to date on the happenings in our classroom. I will update this every Monday with what we are doing that week. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything!

Homecoming Week (September 26th-30th)

Monday: Review chapters 9-10 from TKAM (read over the weekend); Read Chapter 11

Tuesday: Review Chapter 11; Review all of Part 1; Assign CEC

Wednesday: Work on CEC essay

Thursday: Work on CEC essay

Friday: Happy Homecoming!!!

Part II

Students will need to read Part II and complete Part II questions by Monday, May 2nd. Part II questions are attached 451_study_guide_02_student 451

Monday: We will review Part II and take a reading quiz.

Tuesday: We will read the poem “Dover Beach” and discuss why Bradbury chose to include lines from the poem in the novel Dover Beach

Wednesday: We will read Part III and work on Part III questions 451_study_guide_03_student 451

Thursday: We will finish Part III and the questions (they are due tomorrow)

Friday: We will take Part III quiz and review Part III

Fahrenheit 451 Test will be Monday May 9th.

Fahrenheit 451 Part 1

Monday: We will read the introduction in the 60th anniversary edition of Fahrenheit 451. This was written by Neil Gaiman and serves as an excellent way to start and understand the novel. We will then answer the following questions Introduction to Fahrenheit 451

Tuesday: We will finish the intro if we need to. Once we finish we will start Part 1. I will pass out the study guide for Part 1 451_study_guide_01_student.

Wednesday: Students will have time to read and finish Part 1 and the study guide.

Thursday: Students will need to finish reading Part 1 and the study guide.

Friday: Students will complete a character review activity. This will be on Montag’s character and how he evolves in the story so far Character Review Part 1

Band Trip Make Up Work

All students going on the band trip need to complete the attached assignments by Tuesday April 22, 2016. We will have a reading quiz on Tuesday when we return and I will take up your assignments before we leave. My advice to you is to finish the assignment BEFORE we leave. That way you do not have to worry about it on the trip. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Band Trip Work

Character Review Part 1


I will hand out your Part 1 study guide in class on Tuesday.

Late Start Week

This whole week will essentially be a late start for the students, so I expect everyone to be ready to work when you get here! 🙂

Monday: We will be working on our final draft of our essay in the computer lab.

Tuesday: We will be working on our final draft of our essay in the computer lab.

Wednesday: We will be finishing our research papers. All research papers will be due at the end of class today.

Thursday: You must have your Fahrenheit 451 book today in class. We will be starting our unit on dystopian literature and Fahrenheit 451. We will begin with a power point on Ray Bradbury and the novel. F451 Introductory PPT. These are the notes that will go with the power point. Fahrenheit 451- Notes

Friday: We will finish our intro in to Fahrenheit 451. We will also discuss the history of book burning and answer some questions about book burning. Book Burning Through the Ages and Censorship and Book Burning

Research Paper

This week we will be working on our research papers in class. It is VERY important that the students are staying on top of their papers and getting all of the components turned in on time.

Monday: They will be finishing up their Outline and Thesis Statement Generator. As they finish I will be checking and looking over these in class. These MUST be turned in today.

Tuesday: Computer Lab typing rough draft

Wednesday: Computer Lab typing rough draft

Thursday: Computer Lab typing rough draft

Friday: Rough Draft and Work Cited page due. We will be proofreading these in class. They will use this rubric from their packet to grade their peer’s essays. Rough Draft