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Arsenic and Old Lace cast!

This show has just been…DOUBLE CAST!

Arsenic and Old Lace Casts
Monday & Tuesday Rehearsal Cast

Abby Brewster – Andie A

Rev. Harper – Hunter G

Teddy Brewster – Hunter S

Officer Brophy –– Kaitlyn C

Officer Klein –– Lauren B

Martha Brewster – Allison L

Elaine Harper –– Julia S

Mortimer Brewster –– Austin M

Mr. Gibbs –– Michelle L

Jonathan Brewster – Jonah S

Dr. Einstein – Jordan C

Officer O’Hara –– Curtis W

Lieutenant Rooney –– Hope H + Brayden W

Mr. Witherspoon – – Isaiah D


Wednesday and Thursday Casts

Abby Brewster – Cana B

Rev. Harper – Austen H

Teddy Brewster- Brayden W

Officer Brophy – Reed D

Officer Klein – Will E

Martha Brewster – Stephanie D

Elaine Harper – Serena M

Mortimer Brewster – Jarrett M

Mr. Gibbs – Ashli F

Jonathan Brewster – Steven D

Dr. Einstein – Andrew B

Officer O’Hara – Houston B

Lieutenant Rooney – Kaija R

Mr. Witherspoon – Paige J