Music Man Callbacks!

Today was another great day of auditions with everyone being very supportive for singing and acting. Based on what we saw we would like to invite the following actors back Thursday for further singing.

Hunter Gruhn
Austin Folsom
Brayden Watts
Jared Cleghorn
Preston Burks
Mason Smith
Joshua Gruhn
Houston Byrd
Steven Dickson

Lauren Beagle
Michelle Le
Julia Stith
Devin Creel
Chloe Bullock
Allison Lawley
Chloe Brown
Cameron Jones
Cana Brown
Emeline Thornton
Emily Standige
Sydney DeVoe
Katherine Barton
Kathleen Maestas
Mea Acton
Alexandra Kortright

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow and remember a full cast list will be posted on Monday morning on the front door and possibly on this site over the weekend!

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