Helena Thespian Society Troupe #8105

imageCongratulations to the new officers and members of Thespian Troupe #8105!

Current Thespian members

Matthew J – President

Madeline B – Vice President

Marco C – Secretary

Lee D- Treasurer

Loryn F – Historian

Lauren D – Member

Madison A – Member

Serena L – Member

Patrick B – Member

Molly B – Member

Chloe B – Member

Ethan C – Member

Alexis D – Member

Breanna H – Member

Lea S – Member

Kamleh A – Member

Alaina A – Member

Carley B – Member

Olivia B – Member

Isabella C – Member

Alex C – Member

Riley D – Member

Carmelina D – Member

Erin F – Member

Emily G – Member

Trinity G – Member

Cayleigh G – Member

Zachary H – Member

Brandy H – Member

Callie J – Member

Hannah J – Member

Rhett J – Member

David K – Member

Nicholas M – Member

Cassidy M – Member

Faith M – Member

Kallie M – Member

Alyssa P – Member

Jose P – Member

Sarah P – Member

Hannah P – Member

Watson R – Member

Elijah R – Member

Carrington R – Member

Mason S – Member

Caroline S – Member

Miranda D – Member

Alyssa R – Member

Gabriel D – Member

Austin F – Member

Alec T – Member

Cooper G – Member

Eli T – Member

Gary W – Member

Olivia Ben – Member

Olivia D – Member

Laura F – Member

Dusty S – Member

Fatou T – Member

Alex W – Member

Zoe C – Member

Jackson K – Member

Gracie J – Member


Isaiah D
Jordan C
Hayden R
Micayla S
Kyra C
Logan S
Jacob B
Todd M
Chase G
Kathryn M
Marilyn E
Eric T
David B
Taylor O
Rebecca R
Barrett B
Kathleen M
Austin M
Allison L
Jenna G
Michelle L
Jacob W
Curtis W
Emily D
Matthew M
Andrea A
James J
Zachary K
Steven D
Andrew B
Houston B
Cana B
Jonah S
Hannah C
Paige J
Jarrett M
John M
Serena M
Sydney D
Drake B
Shelby B
Alyssa D
Trevor S
Daniel D
Jared C
Philip P
Cameron J
Ragan F
Kelsey P
Jasmine M
Alexandra K
Miller P
Savannah K
Taylor H
Katherine B
Aubry B
Eshaun W
Sarah C
Ashli F
Lauren B
Julia S
Alexa K
Reed D
Preston C
Katie G
Laurel B
Noah Y
Karsten R
Katie W
Gillian A
William E
Josh G
Hunter V
Chris C
Devin C
Kelyce J
Magali M
Adam M
Kajia R
Bill M
Elizabeth M
Meghan N
Morgan N
Kristen W
Marybeth O
Alexis Y
Mary C
Wyatt E
Alex G
Ezri M
Ricardo M
Emily S
Patrick V

***IF you are an alumni and you would like to stay connected to shows and events, please send Mr. Casey a current email as he would love to hear from you and to add you to his contacts.***

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