The Excitin’ Works Cited…

Okay, maybe not. But it IS something you need to know in order to do well on all your high school and college research papers.

Some of you were talking about the different ways you can do your citations online/online citation generators.  I had mixed feelings about these—they seem like too much of a shortcut, but hey…you are getting the job done and citing your sources.  Here are the sites I found:


Citation Machine



Now…we discussed how to write your Works Cited page today.  Here is the site I was talking about in class—the MLA/OWL at Purdue page.

Here is a sample Works Cited Page. books

Have fun working on this tonight. Rough draft of your Works Cited page due tomorrow.

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3 Responses to The Excitin’ Works Cited…

  1. Cameron Murray says:

    You happy I visited your blog, just kidding. So thanks for posting all the shortcuts and websites. Your the best!

  2. Joseph Daley says:

    Hey! I visited the site today! I wanted to be first, but… it looks like cameron already beat me!

    Have a great day and thanks for posting all of this

  3. Olah Mrs. Culver,
    right now im just sitting her looking up stuff for the beach by using google. i know its against your belief and everything but i will use avl when i am finished.

    btw your short cuts are helping me out lots. i’ve actually progressed today a lot from where i was before. thank you.

    P.S. 2nd period is the best class you have…FYI

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