Wednesday, October 6

Today we took the benchmark!  Can’t wait to see the scores.

When we were done, we did a Frayer Model of our favorite vocab word from the Unit 1 of the vocab book (and turned it in).

Tonight: No TKAM reading, just work on your Pizza Box Project. Due tomorrow for 100 points.

Pizza Box Project

I’ll be taking pics of the projects tomorrow to put up here!Poetry Projects 004


Pic is from a similar project I did 2 years old with poetry instead of summer reading.



PS: Here’s a grammar tip of the day…Bad vs. Badly (not as easy as you may think!)

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2 Responses to Wednesday, October 6

  1. Savannah Cambron says:

    Hey Mrs.Culver! I enjoyed watching the Speech/Debate team today! I like it! It is a tad bitconfusing, but I kinda got it at the end and how the process works. Just letting ya know:)

  2. C.W says:

    Well, marching season is over in two weeks, then its thursday practice only. which means I can do the debate team. But I still think that I will get confuse.

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