Monday, November 1

wintergirlsCouple of things:

1. No homework—just work on that TKAM project that I moved to next Monday, Nov. 8th.  No projects will be taken late since you’ve had so much extra time.

2. Here is the link to the obituary for the woman who played Mayella. Wonderful actress. She died last October.

3. In my personal time, I just finished reading Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. Here is a little summary. I recommend it. Very disturbing, but gives insight on why people may have eating and cutting disorders.  I just started reading The Hunger Games, since so many of you have read it. Must be good, huh?

4. Here’s Mary Badham, the actress who played Scout.scoutnow Here is an interesting article about her.

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3 Responses to Monday, November 1

  1. sarah m :) says:

    Hey Mrs.Culver i read all the Hunger Games series it is AMAZING!!!! you will love it if you like thrillers and romance this is the book for you. GOOD READING.

  2. C.W says:

    Hey, I heard that it was a good book. Right now I’m reading artimes fowl, and frankly getting in trouble for reading it. Its not my fault foir it being such a great book.

  3. Alexys Tracy says:

    She looks like she did when she played Scout. That is so weird. She just looks a lot older. 🙂 bye

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