Wednesday, Nov. 3


Well, I missed a day. That’s what you get when you have bronchitis. Which one of you gave me that? 🙂 Remind me to clean desks with the Clorox Wipes tomorrow.

Today we started reading information about Shakespeare, did some vocab for Act I, and everyone was assigned a part (almost everyone).  Tomorrow we start reading Romeo and Juliet! Yay!

Here’s the trailer for Romeo and Juliet—from 1968!  The actress that plays Juliet—-her daughter is on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

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4 Responses to Wednesday, Nov. 3

  1. Alexys Tracy says:

    I love R&J.Im Nurse. Thank you for giving me that part. It was the part that i wanted. But I think nailed Romeo, by giving it to Jmac. 🙂 bye

  2. Juan Quijada says:

    I dont like R & J I dont know why but I just dont like it. You cant even understand the story. Well I got the part of Paris and the Old Man…..I think that were gonna have a great time laughing at Jmac playing Romeo.

  3. Jamie Thompson says:

    I think it is hilarious that you gave wade the role of romeo!!! this is going to be a entertaiining story!! haha

  4. sarah morris says:

    hi mrs.c i love this novel its soo cool but dont get even started on romeo. ugh 🙂 but i got the role of Lady Capulet 🙁 i wanted to be the nurse but ooohh well haha good story haha branan is so funny as being our romeo haha

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