Rain. Romeo and Juliet. Verb Tenses.

OliviaHusseyLeonardWhitingThis weather is awful.  Anyway, we are reading Act III of Romeo and Juliet in class this week and doing some grammar work.  Benchmark is December 15. We get out for Christmas break on the 17th.

Homework tonight: Writer’s Choice grammar book—-page 594  Ex. 16 and 17.  Write sentences on Ex. 17.

Calendar will be posted later today.

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5 Responses to Rain. Romeo and Juliet. Verb Tenses.

  1. Savannah says:

    Homework? You never told us wehad homework?

  2. Jose says:

    i don’t remember you telling our class to do that?

  3. Jose says:

    wow at the same time!! 🙂

  4. Austin Roberts says:

    Yeah, you never told us we had homework or at least I don’t remember it.

  5. Jen Culver says:

    Yep. I did. It was on the board too. 🙂

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