Act 3–Stick a fork in it.

fork_19031_lgIt’s done.

Now that we are done with Act 3, answer the questions on page 773 in your lit book. Write questions and answers OR write answers in a COMPLETE sentence, restating the question.  1-9. Also do 1 and 2 on the literary analysis part.

Folder due tomorrow. 100 points.  You should have five pages.

Openbook multiple choice test on Acts 1-3 tomorrow.  100 points.

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4 Responses to Act 3–Stick a fork in it.

  1. Act three was weird.haha

  2. Shannon Compton says:

    Mrs. Culver i wasnt here for ACT 1 test or the vocab test, can i make them up after school Monday? or is that too late?

  3. jculver says:

    Shannon–not on Monday—I have a faculty meeting after school, but any other day next week (after school) is fine.

  4. Shannon Compton says:

    Okay! Thanks(:

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