Wednesday–Change Items on Calendar

Reading tonight—chapter 45 (I’m dropping chapter 46 for tonight.)

Test that was planned for Friday has been pushed back to next Wednesday.  Folders will be due next Wednesday as well.

I gave you 2 worksheets today in class—one was Making Meanings questions for chapters 36-48 (answer the ones you can so far) and the other one was Reading Strategies—graphic organizer. We did the graphic organizer together in class. Put both in your folder.

Please make sure you are copying down the Table of Contents as we go. People that do this are more likely to make higher grades on folder checks.  Also remember to always complete each assignment in your folder.  Half work gets half credit. 🙁

Journals are being graded at a steady pace now. We will start doing the journals again on Monday, so be thinking of some topics.  Here are some topics that you can write about—-feel free to print these out and keep to give you some ideas…

Print page three of this one.

See the high school list on this link.

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