Tomorrow Test! Folder Due!

DSC06242Today’s pic…another group from second period.

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  1. Lauren Riley says:

    Hey Mrs. Culver could you e-mail me the link to the extra credit project? I need one of the sheets i have no clue where mine has gone to. Or better yet could you just post it on here??

  2. jculver says:

    It’s on the Feb. 7 post.

  3. Michael Lance says:

    can u please e-mail my parents my grade in your class my e-mail is

  4. jculver says:

    Michael, I’ll do it when I get back to school tomorrow. I just saw this at nine-o’clockish tonight.

  5. Alexys Tracy says:

    Wow you had to take this picture the day i was upset. Anyways I love your class. I thought i might tell you that. bye

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