“The Peace of Wild Things”/Wendell Berry

wendeberrywendell_berryIn class today we studied a little bit about the (still alive!) life of  poet Wendell Berry and read his poem “The Peace of Wild Things.”  Here’s  more information on Wikipedia about him. Interesting stuff–especially if nature is very close to your heart.

Someone in class (was it Brigid?) brought up the Amish connection. In the article above, it mentions that his beliefs mirror many Amish beliefs.  Here’s some information about the Amish if you are interested.

We also touched on the subject of “wood ducks” and Grandma Moses (in vocab book, remember?).  Click on the links for more information.

 This is a wonderful interview with Wendell Berry. Take a few minutes and read it. I really liked it.

Another poem by Berry–“The Wild Geese”

Homework tonight—questions and answers for “The Peace of Wild Things” 1-7, page 559 in literature book. 

Typed rhyming poem due tomorrow (had since last Thursday)

Test on Wednesday on Wordsworth, Cummings, Burns, Whitman, Berry, and the Haiku authors. We will review tomorrow in class, so be ready! Folders will be due on Wednesday as well.

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3 Responses to “The Peace of Wild Things”/Wendell Berry

  1. Jose says:

    Mrs. Culver i was going to print mine out right now in BTA but i must have forgot to put the poem on my flash drive can i just bring it tomorrow morning :/

  2. Alexys Tracy says:

    Mrs. Culver im typing my poem and turning it in 7th if thats ok. B/c i am just doing suicide instead of suicide prevention. It will be easier b/c i cant find any poems. Thank you for suggesting “Thirteen Reasons Why” to me i love this book. Im almost done.
    P.S. i like the links you put up.
    Love Alexys 🙂

  3. C.W. says:

    Being Amish isn’t that bad. Hard work, no electricity, learn to use your imagination…

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