Over the 3 Day Weekend…

Finish the essay you started in class.  Topics you were to choose from:

1. Analyze hypocrisy in the novel. Support your views by citing three specific incidents.

2. What other characters besides Scout have had his/her eyes opened and how?  What are the lessons learned?  Pick 3 characters who have grown up or changed somehow in the novel.

3. How are Boo Radley and Tom Robinson similar?  Give three examples that back up your claims.

4. What events foreshadow that Boo Radley will save Scout and Jem’s lives?  Give three examples from the novel.

5. How is Atticus different from other fathers in the novel? Pick three fathers to compare to Atticus.

6. How does Jem’s relationship with Scout change throughout the novel? Use 3 different events with specific details to explain.

Should be 5 paragraphs.

If typed, it is extra credit. (10 pts extra)

Type it in Times New Roman, size 12, Double space.

Need 3 quotations from the novel in the body. One per paragraph.

MLA style.

Look at the Post Essay Number One TKAM.

Rubric for Second TKAM Essay   Have a great weekend.

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