Folders Due Tomorrow/Test Tomorrow

What you should have:

1. Pre Reading R and J

2. Strategic Reading Act I “Soap Summary”

3. Act I Questions and Answers, page 721

4. Strategic Reading Act II: Romeo’s Busy Day

5. Ideal Mate Worksheet

6. Act one and two vocabulary

7. Somebody Wanted But So

8. Romeo and Juliet Powerpoint notes

9. Map of Italy–colored

10. Acts 3,4,5 vocab (STUDY TONIGHT!)

11. Strategic Reading Act 3: “Bad News Monday”

12. Elizabethan Insult Worksheet

13. Strategic Worksheet Act 4: “Mood Swings”

14. The Juliet Circle

15. Strategic Reading Sheet, Act 5, “Fate vs. Human Error”

100 points.  If you miss one, it’s 93; miss two, it’s 87; miss three, it’s 80; miss four, it’s 73; miss five, it’s 67; miss six, it’s 60; miss seven, it’s …well, let’s hope everyone keeps it above this…

Test on Acts 3, 4, 5 tomorrow as well.

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