Look BACK at the Week

Sorry I didn’t update this week. Whirlwind of a week.

Here’s what you missed if you have been absent and we have had a LOT of sick students, so you are not alone.

We have read chapters 1-3 in Animal Farm in class.  Homework for the weekend is to read chapter 4.

Students have pages 1-4 on their table of contents:  1. Anticipation Guide for AF  2. PowerPoint Notes (2 pages–fill in the blanks as we go) 3. Cast of Characters for Animal Farm  4. The Commandments (we completed as a class)

Today (Friday) we are in the computer lab typing up the poem that we wrote a few weeks ago (Wordsworth Tribute Poem) and adding clipart/photos to it.  Image008[1]

Have a great weekend!  We should be on track with our Feb. calendar next week.

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