This Week’s Plan

cropped-overboard.jpgMonday–review Odyssey, part one questions from page 979 1-8, turn in for 25 pts, go over Odyssey map together using the Elmo, then powerpoint introduction to Odyssey, Part Two.  Write down vocabulary for part two. (Number 7 in your folder.)

Tuesday–Reading Odyssey, Part Two, making sure you understand what happens in this section.  Video clips of main points that we have read about in class—video from 1988.  HW will be questions after part two. 1-8

Wednesday–Reviewing how to make source cards and notecards.  You will be asked to make practice ones and let me see how you are doing with this skill.  Tomorrow you will have to take real notes on real notecards and source cards because we start researching our unsolved mysteries tomorrow!! 😉

Thursday–In computer lab 107 researching. Bring index cards!

Friday–In library researching. Bring index cards!

Parents and students: I have signed up for the Remind 101 service. If you want to get reminders of class or school related news, please follow these instructions:

Send a text message to

(772) 261-2092

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