Shelby County Curriculum Guide, 11th grade, 3rd 9 Weeks

Unit Philosophy:
As eleventh graders near voting eligibility, it is critical that students begin to question the origin of their values and beliefs and evaluate how they will develop their own moral compass. Furthermore, students must begin to assess their involvement within society and the need to be citizens of the world.
Unit:Authority and Government Suggested Time Frame: 3rd 9 weeks

ESSENTIAL QUESTION(S):1. When must an individual challenge societal expectations? 2. To what extent does a governing body have the right to dictate morality? 3. Why and how do religion, politics, and persecution interact?LITERARY TEXTS  The Crucible by Arthur Miller,Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, *If time Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller  (We have all of these plays in our classroom/literature book. No need to purchase.)



• claim

• counterclaim

• syntax

• bias

• standard conventions

• hyphen

• societal expectations

• morality


• sarcasm

• irony

• understatement

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