Lesson Plans for Tuesday, January 20—Friday, January 23, 2015

Monday, January 19:  MLK Day. No School


Tuesday, January 20:

1. ACT Practice: Rhetorical Skills Video  (put on sheet from last week—editing in context)

2. First period: Act I Quiz

3. All classes: Review Act I Critical Reading and Literary Analysis questions with emphasis on PLOT, RISING ACTION, DRAMATIC EXPOSITION, CLIMAX, and TEXT STRUCTURES

4. Act II: Page 1160  Literary Analysis:  Conflict, External and Internal; Biblical Allusions

Vocabulary, page 1160  put in folder as #5. (Six vocab words)

5. Begin reading Act II, page 1161, The Crucible


Wednesday, January 21:

1. ACT Practice

2. Review what we read yesterday/Discuss/Use Post Its for the questions or favorite lines so far

3. Continue reading Act II The Crucible

Thursday, January 22::

1. ACT Practice

2. Review yesterday’s reading/Discuss

3. Finish reading Act II

4. View summary video for Act II, listen to English/Spanish summaries as well in selected classes

4. Begin page 1181 and 1182 Critical Reading and Literary Analysis questions for Act II

Friday, January 23:

1. ACT Practice

2. Quiz on Act II (silver grade)

3. Finish up  questions for Act II

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