Lesson Plans for Monday, January 26–Friday, January 30, 2015



1. I took roll and then your class went to the auditorium to get course selection for your senior year!

2. Homework: Act II questions on pages 1181 and 1182.  “Critical Reading” and “After You Read”.  On page 1182, please skip number 6.  If you are writing question and then the answer, please highlight or underline your answer.  Due Tuesday.


1. ACT Practice:  IRONY:    Verbal Irony, Situational Irony. Dramatic Irony

2. Turn in and review questions from 1181 and 1182

3. Test tomorrow on Act I and Act II for first gold grade.

4. Page 1186: As class read about Characterization/direct and indirect, Reading Complex Texts and Evaluating Arguments

5. Write down vocab in blue and put it in your notebook.

6. Begin reading Act 3



1. ACT Practice: What is Morality?


2. Test on Act I and Act II

3. When all are done, read Act 3 together


1. ACT Practice: Author’s Bias PowerPoint  What is Bias?

2. Keep reading Act 3 in class together (It’s a long act)


1. ACT Practice:

2. Watch Act 3 scenes on screen


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