Lesson Plans for 11th Grade: Feb. 2-Feb.6, 2015

Monday, Feb. 2

1. No bellringer, review calendar for Feb

2. Review test on Act I and II

3. Work quietly on Act 3 Crucible questions, page 1213, 1214 (Skip #6)

Tuesday, Feb. 3

1. ACT Review:  Pronoun Agreement

Check your answers here.

2. Act 3 Questions–take up and review

3. Page 1216 in lit book

Literary Analysis: Tragedy, tragic hero, tragic flaw, allegory

4. Write down blue vocabulary words on page 1216 (put in notebook as number 12)

5. Review and anticipate/Begin reading Act 4, page 1217

Wednesday, Feb. 4

1. ACT Review: Pronoun Agreement Worksheet

Had sub

2. Counselor came in to discuss blue forms

Crucible wasn’t read.


Thursday, Feb. 5

1. Passed out folders/progress reports for my class/got caught up on anything you needed to before…

2. We went to computer lab to input our registration sheets (blue forms)


Friday, Feb. 6

1. Review Pronoun sheet from Wed if class did not on Wed (Sub that day)

2. Reading Act 4

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