This Week’s Plans: Monday, May 4—Friday, May 8th


1. Bellringer 2: What are your opinions about each character in Raisin in the Sun so far?

2. All classes except 8th: Watch as much of movie as we can/Not past where we have read.


1.Bellringer 3: Thoughts about the movie version vs. the play so far.

2. Review questions for Act 2, Scene 1 if haven’t already.

3. Read Act 2, scene 2, page 96-109


1. Bellringer 4: TBA

2. Discuss/review Act 2, scene 2

3. Read Act 2, scene 3, pages 110-130

Get questions for scene 3 (#10 on table of contents) and do.


1. Bellringer 5: TBA

Turn in 5 bellringers

2. Discuss yesterday’s scene. Review questions for Act 2, scene 3

3. Read Act 3, pages 131-151


1. No bellringer.

2. Finish the play if we haven’t, receive questions for Act 3, and watch movie version.

Test on A Raisin in the Sun and the table of contents on May 12th, next Tuesday.




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