Library Book Policy

Circulation Policy for 2018-19:

*All books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time. Books may be renewed one time.

2nd-5th grade students may have up to 3 recreational books checked out at a time. One or two additional books for research or biography reports are allowed as needed.
1st graders may have up to 2 recreational books checked out at a time.
Kindergartners may have up to 1 book checked out at a time. These books stay in the classroom. Kindergartners do not take their books home.

Lost, Damaged, and Overdue Book Policy:

-Overdue notices are sent to classrooms approximately twice every 9 weeks.  If a book is not located in the classroom, students are instructed to bring the notice home so they can locate the book elsewhere.

-Lost or damaged books must be paid for so a replacement can be procured.  Replacement copies from a store are not accepted as often the binding or other physical attributes of the copy are not the same as the copy that was lost.  (Library bound copies are more sturdy and more costly than those from stores.)

There is a flat fee for replacement which includes the reprocessing costs:

-Paperback book replacement cost is $10.

-Hardback book replacement cost is $20.

*Forest Oaks Library does not charge daily late fees – only lost/damaged replacement fees.

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