my second graders are now vying to best middle school in iMovie creations…


so back to blogging for those that have been absent – hey, enjoy yourself… 🙂

“6 amendments” – by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens – who, by the way, is like 90 years old now – but he wrote another book – this one, rather short – six amendments congress should pass to touch up the Constitution – clear things up so that judges don’t have to haphazardly interpret – i enjoyed the book – thoroughly – i’m a law geek like that – i guess the sad part was twofold – one, that congress won’t do anything with the amendments – two, that he wrote the book b/c of what happened in Newtown, Conn., two years ago – 20-plus elem kids die in a shooting and nothing much changes – that still saddens me – greatly

“factory man” – recommended from the NY Times top 100 list – story of a factory – a furniture factory – and its generations – including a current guy that’s staved offshore sending – saved jobs – practically saved the town he was operating in – just a wonderful book about the historical – and personal – effects that industry has – by the way, i don’t think i’ll ever buy from Rooms 2 Go after reading this book

happy return to school – may it be easy