“…these questions all come from a play you’ve never read: much ado about nothing…”

we’ve had midsummer night’s dream questions before – maybe a 12th night – can’t remember a much ado – so that was cool

“angel: after the fall” – ah, graphic novels – unlike my buffy experiment in the fall, i “got” this one – i followed it way better – it helped that there was a whole section at the end with director notes – i mean, when it’s explained to you, hey, you can’t help but get it – i think all authors should include such for those of us that are slow on the uptake – but yeah for angel comics!!!

“chasing perfect” by bob hurley – longtime NJ basketball coach – 27 state titles – story of his life – of his oldest son’s (went to duke, played for the sacramento kings – survived a terrible car wreck) – and of his perfect teams – the most interesting being his like ’04 team that seemed to disrespect everything he wanted – but just kept winning – i’ve had classes/years like that with kids – so the story of his teams was interesting

“one for the books” – rather snobbish – i did get some recommendations from reading it though – basically, a book about reading books – as such, it becomes a “what to read” and “what not to read” and probably only one person matches his true taste – so i would’ve preferred a kinder, gentler author – but it wasn’t terrible b/c hey, it was about books:)

“run the race” – hebrews 12 – explication on the passage – running the race before us – i had high hopes it would be very much about running and faith – instead, it was more about faith – but that was okay – the cloud of witnesses was explained way better than i’d ever heard before

reminder: you memorize shakespeare this week – you don’t have to blog


8 thoughts on ““…these questions all come from a play you’ve never read: much ado about nothing…””

  1. i know this is random, but i thought it was funny.

    i thought of the sixth grade, and you’ll see why….

    okay, so i was on a website made for artists, and on each artist’s profile , they can put a little tagline under their name.

    this specific artist’s tagline was “kentucky fried babies”.

    so therefore, i thought of baby lasagna.


  2. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
    Edmund Burke
    This is my absolute favorite quote. I heard it the other day and it reminded me how much i loved it. The only way evil can win is when good people dont do good things and solve problems. When bad people do bad things and nobody gets on to them or they dont have consequences then then that is when you let them win. That is the moment when evil wins because nobody did anything.

    The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.
    Edmund Burke
    When people have alot of power it makes it easier for more people to get hurt. Wen more people love you or you have more control over things and you mess something up or you hurt someones feelings then the stakes are higher because more people are in the crosshairs to get hurt.

    Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.
    Edmund Burke
    People always say they didn’t do anything to help because it wouldnt have made a difference, but that’s where they’re wrong. all little things come together to make big things. You could do something as “little” as recycling your water bottle rather than throwing it away but you and others are slowly but surly saving the world. People like to make excuses like this to have an out to not have to do things, they say whatever they could do would make anything change anyway, but what they dont realize is that little things can make the biggest differnces.

    To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.
    Edmund Burke
    Sometimes people read but they dont really comprehend what they’re reading or they dont think about what they’re reading, thats very stupid. as this qote says, that like eating without digesting, it just doesnt make sense.

  3. le blue – that’s great:)

    you’re missing “much ado” – my fave shakespeare play – i hope to upload a podcast on comedy of errors later this week

    still very, very missed – just not your bro;)

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